‘Timeless’ is a surface made up of various individual elements, which expand and contract in a rhythmic cycle. I worked with the idea of time, and its cyclic repetitive nature. Time is not just a numerical value, but is also representative of the change in state in a certain environment over a period of time. The axis of the motor to which all these forms are connected, rotates in a continuous cycle at a fixed speed, almost like the minute hand of a clock. This in turn causes different forms to shrink and bloom (contract and expand) at different points of time - displaying a constant change in state.The use of specific colours were inspired by the changing colours of the sky, which are also representative of the change in time - from day to night and night to day.

The following experiment is based on the idea of Biophilia, which is a hypothesis that we as humans have an innate urge to affiliate with other forms of life. The project investigates how this biophilic affiliation could be introduced on to our everyday material environments - helping create empathetic and considered material experiences.

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